Moving to the country

We are in our new house now and the previous owners had let the gardens go somewhat , so reclaiming and tidying them up is proving to be quite a lot of work, added to that the fact that as always I like to grow my own vegetables and moving at the end of planting season meant even more work getting all the veggies in the ground.

with not having much time to get soil ready and for easy management I decided to go with some raised beds. I didn’t really plan sizes or anything I just saw that there was some wood left over from some construction or something that was left near the garage the are 8 x 2 in 12ft so I thought that would do. Being new to this farm life I was eager to test out the tractor that came with the

place and some of its attachments so I hooked up the tiller and got to work, I tilled 4 strips 12ft long and then used the front loader to just take off the top sod . I then placed my boards to make may raised beds and filled them with organic soil. After filling two of the beds with the front loader on the tractor , the tractor got injured on a different job so I had to fill the remaining two by carting the soil by hand in a wheel barrow . yes very hard work

with all the beds filled with soil I got to planting. I planted corn, potatoes, carrots, beets, summer squash, pumpkins, beans, lettuce, onions and probably some more I have missed out. I did some googling and companion planted where I could , if you are not familiar with companion planting it is where plants help each other out in some way like replenishing soil nutrients or helping stave off disease etc. with all the seeds in I wanted to set up some sort of watering system , so I linked up some soaker hoses , it is best to water with soaker so the water does not go on the leaver of the plant to help reduce blights and fungus.

I am looking forward to the fresh veggies this year , and there is lots more work to do here so I will have lots to post about but getting the time to do so is another matter.


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