Moving to the country

We are in our new house now and the previous owners had let the gardens go somewhat , so reclaiming and tidying them up is proving to be quite a lot of work, added to that the fact that as always I like to grow my own vegetables and moving at the end of planting season meant even more work getting all the veggies in the ground.

with not having much time to get soil ready and for easy management I decided to go with some raised beds. I didn’t really plan sizes or anything I just saw that there was some wood left over from some construction or something that was left near the garage the are 8 x 2 in 12ft so I thought that would do. Being new to this farm life I was eager to test out the tractor that came with the

place and some of its attachments so I hooked up the tiller and got to work, I tilled 4 strips 12ft long and then used the front loader to just take off the top sod . I then placed my boards to make may raised beds and filled them with organic soil. After filling two of the beds with the front loader on the tractor , the tractor got injured on a different job so I had to fill the remaining two by carting the soil by hand in a wheel barrow . yes very hard work

with all the beds filled with soil I got to planting. I planted corn, potatoes, carrots, beets, summer squash, pumpkins, beans, lettuce, onions and probably some more I have missed out. I did some googling and companion planted where I could , if you are not familiar with companion planting it is where plants help each other out in some way like replenishing soil nutrients or helping stave off disease etc. with all the seeds in I wanted to set up some sort of watering system , so I linked up some soaker hoses , it is best to water with soaker so the water does not go on the leaver of the plant to help reduce blights and fungus.

I am looking forward to the fresh veggies this year , and there is lots more work to do here so I will have lots to post about but getting the time to do so is another matter.



Vegas – Grand Canyon

Virgin had started a new direct flight from my home town to Vegas and a friend of mine had booked a trip , so as i had not seen him in a while and Vegas only being a short flight from where i am now i decided to meet him there .With it being suck a long flight for him he had arranged a 7 day stay in Vegas , thats a quite a long time to stay in Vegas so we had to plan more than just the usual drinking , Gambling and general partying .

one thing i just had to see was the Grand Canyon so we booked a helicopter tour to go see it , i absolutely wanted to land and walk around int he canyon so we booked a flight with Mustang Helicopter tours out of Henderson NV . Mustang picked us up from our hotel and took us out to Henderson Airport a very slick operation . Landing in the Grand Canyon is amazing , we have all seen the Canyon on TV but you don’t realize the sides are 4000ft high which just makes it breath taking .

whilst in Vegas we also took in a couple of shows, the comedy club and David Copperfield both where really good .

Another thing that we just had to do , with us being from the UK we don’t get much contact with Guns so the Gun Shop was an amazing experience shooting guns we had only ever seen on TV …what an experience .

Hoover Dam is amazing !

So 7 days in Vegas didn’t end up to be too long , i think it was just the right amount of time to fit it all in.

Sunday’s are for doing nothing.

it was my my second Sunday back home but really the first didn’t count as I only arrived back on the Friday so you need a few days to get in to the groove of things . I had arranged to catch up with my good friend here and just go do some walking and just take everything in. I picked him up and we went over to Ft Langley to have a look around, a walk by the river and a bite of lunch.

Lunch was good at an interesting place in the little picturesque village . after lunch a walk by the river was a little crowded with  a lot of people and the walk there is not so pretty in the winter especially now they have built all the condo’s so we decided to head back home and on the way stop by Crescent Beach for a walk along there. no matter how cold and bleak it is I always enjoy a walk along the beach. it was a bit of a grey day until we arrived there and it cleared up but with a good wind blowing as we got down to the beach there were lots of people out parasailing .

IMAG0224parasailing is when you stand on a board similar to a small surf board and you fly a kite that looks like a small parachute . I think  this may be taking over from windsurfing . in all my times of walking along Crescent Beach this was the first time I had seen them there . to my surprise a lot of the people participating in this sport where on the older side I would say mid fifties.

we stood and watched them for a while ,discussed how it was too cold for us to try it, took a few pictures and then headed back to the coffee shop for a hot drink .

this was just the perfect Sunday , exactly what Sundays are made for doing nothing much and enjoying it

Last Day of Summer?

It has been such a beautiful day here today . Everyone has been saying this is the last day of summer , i am not sure if that is on the calendar and actually is or whether they are just referring to it being nice and we are heading in to winter .Well you can certainly feel that chill in the air in the mornings and evenings but today was really a beautiful day i just had to go for a walk this morning and take some pictures.

I really love this time of year , late summer early fall , the chill in the mornings but heat in the day . the air just seems so clean and fresh and i think it really reminds me of being a kid especially as the nights start to draw in . i remember collecting firewood for bonfire night  or getting ready for Halloween . also this time of year is just perfect for walking and hiking , seeing all the trees changing and the cooler air lends itself to  you feeling more comfortable and not too hot out on the trail.

Next week i am hoping to get out and do some hiking / exploring and camping which usually makes my posts happen a bit more often 🙂

Banksy -esq Hawaii

Earlier today i was out for a a walk ………well actually just walking back from radioshack where i had tried to get a vonage phone adapter to replace the one that had mysteriously and suddenly died yesterday.

i must have walked and driven down this road a thousand time as it is a main route from where i live to where ever i want to go , and i had never noticed a piece of graffitii  by the road .

i think it is very much in the style on banksy , the famous UK graffiti artist

i snapped a pic of it with my phone ….see what you think


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Sunday Bike Ride Leeward

I needed to go get some photos of the leeward side, so with the break in the weather giving us a seemingly rare sunny day i decided i could kill two birds with one stone and get out on the bike.

its mostly a highway ride over there and the H1 is a little worse for wear after all the rain , when you get past downtown and heading out to the leeward side the H1 gets quite pothole ridden which is definitely not a nice things when you are doing highway speeds on a bike , the potholes are deep and large so you need to be very alert and the general highway itself is bump and not at all comfortable .

once i got to Ko'Oloina you continue up the coastal road , my plan was to ride down the coast and up to waialua then rejoin the highway, when you look at google maps the road looks like it contiues around but it does go a lot more faint , i just figured it woudl be a small road , when i got there however i realised it was jsut a track for the last stage and quite a rough one , not atall rideable on a sports bike. i had a lot to learn about the navigation the regular coast road was what i would consider a back road so the faint bit i should have known woudl have been something worse

the coastal road is nice , the area up there is very quait with little beach shacks it looks like it hasnt changed in 100 years , it does have its share of degredation and there are a lot of homeless living on the beaches as you ride up there, they have large comunial camps …it doesnt actually look like too bad of a life …….i know being homeless is bad but when you are camping on a beach and it never gets too cold i dont think it is the same as being homeless in say paris or somewhere. people there seem to catch there fish from the ocean and seem to have a very relaxed life , it would be interesting to  chat to a few of the people there and see what got them to that place , weather it was hard times , twists of fate or wether they actualy chose it as a more simplistic life ……i would think there may be some of each.

i didn't take time to stop and chat with anyone and i didn't   get any pictures of the camps , i just really took scenery shots, but here are a few of them


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