Linux on PS3

i  deiced to make a home security system , just cameras and movement detection system so i googled for open source applications and came across zone minder
i needed a central pc for this and looked at some HP ones online then i had the bright idea of seeing if the PS3 coudl do it …..i always like to make things from things you already have so i thought ok i will give it a go installing linux on the PS3

so after a few minuets googling i came across not only a guide on installing llinux on the PS3 but also a guide installing zone minder on the PS3 , what luck i thought .

so off i went to radio shack to get a usb keyboard and a HDMI cable

all the guides say you want to be connecting the PS3 to the TV with HDMI otherwise its unbearable

i followed the guide here
only i used the latest version of yellow dog .

so what where my findings ?

the guide is pretty easy to follow , once you have the OS on it is usable and actually kind of cool , but then moving on to the install of zone minder …..thats a different story

i am a debian boy kubuntu to be precises and although in the past i used madrake and other rpm distro’si have got so used to the way ubuntu does things using yellowdog and yum was a pain in the ass.
yum was painfully slow on the PS3 , i think that is more a PS3 thing than a Yum thing. but yum kept complaining about dependencies and that it couldn’t find mirror’s and things.

it reminded me of back when i was getting started with linux and you would have all these dependency problems and installing things would be such a pain in the ass …….thank god ubuntu got rid of all that with apt

what made it worse was every time it would complain about some dependacy or some mirror , running the commands again would take an age to complete i think this is something to do with the PS3 only allowing it to use 2 of its cores or something ……i read a lot of things about the performance a lot of things say its because it only has 256MB of memory …..but that i find extremely hard to believe as i was not running X at all and had disable a lot of services and just command line via ssh so 256 MB is lots i am sure

so in conclusion , running linux on the PS3 is a nice novelty and can even be usable with its enlightenment desktop you could collect email and web browse etc if you are patient ……i don’t think it is much use except from novelty ……but then i may just try ubuntu on it and see


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