Life goes on – the amazing plant


Last year I bought a plant and pot at winners a discount store similar to tj or tk max depending on which country you are in . It was an Amaryllis . I planted the bulb and added the soil.provided and watered it a few weeks later it had a beautiful flower blooming but then I went away and on my return it was all droop and no flower so I decided I didn’t looted the plant without the flower so I didn’t want it but it just would not die.

Last autumn / fall i cut the plant back to the soil and forgot about it . That was about 6 months ago imagine my surprise when after about 9 months of no water the bulb started again to throw up a shoot . These plants just seem to be in killable .

I have decided that I should water it and care for it after living through this abuse but I will be away four a couple of weeks so have put it in a dark cupboard until I come back.

I think that if a nuclear war ever breaks out the only things left will be cockroaches and amaryllis.


A beautiful winter day

Winter can be mostly grey and a little down heartening but those crisp clean sunny winter days are just hard to beat .

looking out over Vancouver harbour in Stanley park.

Two empty benches looking out over the ocean on a sunny winter day.

Lights are on but no one is home.

This weekend saw the one year anniversary of last years Winter Olympic Games  and to mark the occasion the city decided to celebrate by recreating some of last years party’s in particular the light show in Yaletown aptly names “Illuminate Yaletown” . This being my part of the city and of course the fact that I missed last years festivities I wanted to see what all the hype was about .

IMG_2227It was not really as much of a party as I had thought it would have been but it was fun none the less. the jest of the event is they use light as a media for art , projecting images on walls or objects creating moving images and light shows. if you are not familiar with Yaletown in Vancouver it is a historic part of the city with old warehouses made in to businesses and cool apartments and there is a n old Rail terminus called “The Round House” named after the railway turntable there . in the Roundhouse is an old steam locomotive which was the scene of one of my most favorite of the exhibits an interactive balloon light show and also an idea whereby you throw small sticky light things on the the old steam train to uniquely decorate it for the occasion.


IMG_1980there where numerous projections on to buildings, big ones small ones , colorful ones some that where kind of silhouette puppet shows . all good fun until you get the the local car dealership Mini of Yaletown and see that they had gone all out , not only did they have fire dancers outside but inside they had arrange a white mine and used it as the canvas to project a light show to music in which the car changed color to music. Just awesome!

it was really a nice evening out but there wasn’t as much as I had thought there would be even though some streets where closed off there was only one street vendor , no hotdogs! they could have done so much more . maybe next year .




A few pics from Vancouver

re edited because i had the pics on flickr and they are no longer linked

i decided to go for a walk around the city and test out my Rebel T2i

Bike Show

The bike show came  to Vancouver last week so we decided we would go take a look at it. IMAG0231

as you walk through the door of course the first thing you see is the Ducati stand with the awesome 1198 and then one I had not seen before , not my usual taste in bikes but a very beautiful bike kind of street fighter looking bike with a massively wide rear wheel , what a beautiful bike.



Walking around there were some spectacular bikes on show a really cool looking batman chopper styled bike , a Harley I thinkIMAG0232.

also some other really cool looking Harleys . I really was never much in to the Harley  thing always more interested in the sports bikes but there are just so many cool looking ones it is hard not to find at least one that you like .




Walking around seeing the new BMW S1000RR sitting on all the bikes and seeing how they feel . I do like the BMW s1000RR and of course my long time love affair with the GSXR’s they have made them look very cool again after a little spell of them looking a bit boring next to there main competition the R6 . I ha d areal pleasant surprise once I go to the Triumph stand , they are not one brand I ever considered owning really thinking there time had passed in the golden age.IMAG0234 not really subscribing to the fact that they were like a phoenix that had risen again I was of the thought path that someone had dug up a rotting corpse, but looking at the latest offering form them I was really surprised to see such a beautiful bike in their line up. I don’t know much about it , how it rides or any of its reviews but on looks a lone it stopped me in my tracks enough to take a picture of it and try it on for size . it felt great .

so that was the take on the Vancouver bike show form a superbike speed junkie biker .

Sunday’s are for doing nothing.

it was my my second Sunday back home but really the first didn’t count as I only arrived back on the Friday so you need a few days to get in to the groove of things . I had arranged to catch up with my good friend here and just go do some walking and just take everything in. I picked him up and we went over to Ft Langley to have a look around, a walk by the river and a bite of lunch.

Lunch was good at an interesting place in the little picturesque village . after lunch a walk by the river was a little crowded with  a lot of people and the walk there is not so pretty in the winter especially now they have built all the condo’s so we decided to head back home and on the way stop by Crescent Beach for a walk along there. no matter how cold and bleak it is I always enjoy a walk along the beach. it was a bit of a grey day until we arrived there and it cleared up but with a good wind blowing as we got down to the beach there were lots of people out parasailing .

IMAG0224parasailing is when you stand on a board similar to a small surf board and you fly a kite that looks like a small parachute . I think  this may be taking over from windsurfing . in all my times of walking along Crescent Beach this was the first time I had seen them there . to my surprise a lot of the people participating in this sport where on the older side I would say mid fifties.

we stood and watched them for a while ,discussed how it was too cold for us to try it, took a few pictures and then headed back to the coffee shop for a hot drink .

this was just the perfect Sunday , exactly what Sundays are made for doing nothing much and enjoying it

Hawaii Sunsets

Here in Hawaii for the holidays to get out of the horrible weather back home. I love the sunsets and the light at this time of year especially when there are clouds and it is a bit hazy and the light refracts here are a few pics I took recently of a particularly ordinary sunset.

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