Honey Bee – Spring 2014

The Bees came through winter very strong this year. I needed to split two of the three hives early . The one near the creek and the ones at the back. After getting a saw mill late last year and having a good supply of free logs from a local construction project , i had started to build my own hives. I do suck at woodwork so this is no small feat for me. It seems to have turned out ok so far ‚Ķeven though there are a couple of little anomaly’s with my build. I think i have ironed out all the bus so my future hives will be ok.

Home made equipment     Queens in Cages

I picked up some queens and did the split on the warmest day of the forecast.

20140402_103137   20140402_130626

With the weather turning nicer i had decided the idea form last year , to turn the septic filed in to a wild flower area. i cleared the grass and prepared the soil as much as i could with not being able to use machinery on it . I planted a lot of flower so i hope it turns out . Of course i will post update pictures.



Well that is all for my first update in nearly a year.

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