Spring is in full spring

We are having some beautiful weather right now. So getting outside and getting an early start on the work around here is a real pleasure right now . It does all seem a little odd with the weather being so warm and yet the trees are still mostly bare and there are not much flowers about but it was good to see that the Rhubarb had survived the winter and returned. The Daffodils are out and we are thankful for the heather border that is in bloom to give the three new beehives I have set up something to forage from. Just today though some of the fruit trees have started to blossom so the bees have been all over that .

IMG-20130325-00130  beehive

none of the two over wintering hives survived but I was lucky to get a deal on some last minute packages of bees quite early so I cleared an area under some large trees at the back of the property to expand my bee activities.

I managed to get a hold of a free dump trailer full of horse manure which I was able to get on to the back plot only after getting the pickup stuck. it was an easy pull out with the tractor but I had to unload it in a not idea place which meant for some moving around with the tractor. with the land getting dried out quickly It also gave me a chance to clear out some brush and start preparing to plant some kiwi besides the orchard I put in last year.

IMG_20130325110413 IMG-20130329-00134

I cleared out a small alder tree to provide some more light to the orchard and chipped it up to provide mulch for around the trees. Tomorrow I plan to finish up working in the orchard by putting in some much needed (if we have a summer like last year) irrigation.

IMG-20130329-00133 IMG-20130329-00135

it all go now the season is staring and we are off to such a great start . the weather is forecast to continue for another few days so I am hoping to get some more manure put down and get a lot of the start up work done so I can make time later in the season for some big plans ……..stay tuned Smile


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