Dandelion’s Galore , No more


Cutting the Dandelions

I have been holding off cutting the Dandelion infested front lawn so that the bees could have some natural food whilst nothing much out there is in bloom. My last hive check showed the colonies where doing real well, over double the size i had started with so the dandelions must have helped.

Now the cherry trees,willow, tulips and more are in bloom iĀ decidedĀ it was time to cut the Dandelions …i mean lawn. last year someone sent me a quote “A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.” and i thought of it as i mowed the lawn and stopping as i saw honey bees in front of me waiting for them to move on before i proceeded . i had been wondering why they where not going to seed so fast but as i drove around i saw that there was about 10 that where closed and ready to open as seed for every one flowering …oh my!

The next hive check is later this week so i am anxious to see how they are doing now


Planting the Orchard


i have been talking about setting up an orchard on part of the land since we moved in and there is nothing like leaving it to the last minute when my nose is to the wire to get me started. we are putting in a perimeter fence and on the south line there is a beautiful big old cherry tree that over time had self seeded a bunch of cherry’s along the base , some of them are quite tall and i didn’t want to just waste them by cutting them up to get to the fence line so i decided to move them (plus it was an excuse to test out the backhoe). So i got started on my Orchard which just consists of some cherry trees right now but i hope to get to putting in apples ,pears , nuts and what ever else i can get my hands on that will grow here.

here are some pictures of the start of the orchard. the photos are before the stakes have been added



The Bees Have Arrived


The Bees arrived on Thursday so i had to get the hives in place and setup , levelled and ready to go for the arrival .

i situated three hives but only two colonies of bees are arriving this Thursday.  IMG-20120402-00076IMG-20120402-00080


When the bees arrived i watched a video to demonstrate what to do from urbanbees site (my bee supplier). i made a video of my experience, which was not as smooth as shown in the instructional video. you can definitely tell its my first time

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