Kitchenaid mixer and Blackberry ice cream

I recently broke down and bought the Kitchenaid mixer i had my eye on for some time with numerous attachments one of which was the ice cream maker.

i figured i wanted to test out the ice cream maker as i have never made ice cream before. i just wanted to make a fruit flavored one. i had been clearing a few blackberry bushes out of the back field and of course eating them as i cleared them , only the biggest sweetest ones mind . so i figured i would go and pick some and make ice cream . in about 10 min of picking i had half a grocery bag full of them . i followed the recipe in the booklet and just added the blackberries they turned out so good . but then after freezing them the ice cream really hardened up and didn’t taste as good …but still better than store bought , you just have to zap it in the microwave a while before you eat it .


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