Cats Update

The Cats have been very happy and doing a great job . i have not seen any squirrels or mice recently
i tend not too see the cats too much ,apart form at night when it is feeding time then i hear potty (blakc and white one ) meow and Psycho (black) one is usually just behind. Recently Psycho has dissapered. for the past few days i had seen coyotes in the back field near to where i usually see Psycho and i have not seen him since so i wonder if he has been eaten by the coyotes or just gone on a sabbatical. Potty however has become quite friendly and now comes to greet me at feeding times and i give her a little treat. Maybe be this is because she has no companion to relate to now . so i have mentioned to the people that brought the original ones that i would like to take some more for friends to potty.
we will see how it goes.Technorati Tags: , ,


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