Update Potty and Psycho

i dont think i mentioned in the previous post that i had named the black cat Psycho , just becasue he was very crazy and i had named the black and white one potty because of its tendancy to sleep and always be in its litter box and that it is just a little crazy  too.

i had not seen either of the cats for 3 days and none of the food had gone. then i spotted potty in the top corner of the rafters and she disappeared behind the wall she had been staying there and had not come down. i thought maybe she couldnt get down so i left a board up there but she still did not come down after a couple of days potty had started to come down for food at night but i still had not seen Psycho. i had to leave town for a couple of days so i left a lot of food out for them .

on my return i checked the cctv footage and it showed Psycho patroling the house hunting etc and i started to see him in the field hunting of an evening.

potty has started to come down for food regularly and has started to use the litter tray but has not left the garage (i put a small twig on the cat flap and looked for direction of fall) and psycho has not been in .

i have put out some extra stinky cat food (tuna) and had a black cat come and eat some today as i left the main door open on the garage. i thought it was psycho but it looked big and had a tan sheen to its black coat …it was not psycho as i saw him in the field tonight looking his usual size and deep black colour .

The organisation i got the cats from are called VOKRA Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association they do a great job and have lots of feral barn cats to place as well as pet cats and kittens you should check them out if you are in the area and are looking for a cat .


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