More From The Farm .Trimming , Tidying and Fertilizing

This week has been another very busy week.

as i started to weed the front garden from its dense weed ridden state after years of neglect i found some very beautiful plant and noticed a lot of work had originally been put in. there had been some of the spiral trees in that had not been trimmed for some time and only vaguely showed the spiral so i decided to give it a go at reshaping them i am not very good at it and the great thing is that they will grow back but i managed to shape them something like all with the exception of one of them that had a nest in as i noticed a bird fly out as i was triming the bottom so i left that some what unfinished to be completed when the babies have flown the nest.

On checking on my vegetable beds finally things had started to happen there. and i realised that it is not so easy to remember what plants i had planted where when they are just seedlings . i should have really marked them ….well you live and learn and next year i will but in the mean time i found a website that showed images of new seedlings and what they where so i was able to identify which ones they are so i can thin them out , but there are still no signs of carrots yet .

i also recently bought a book on organic gardening called organic gardening for the 21st century by john fedor in there were directions for making a plant feed tea from nettle leaves so off i went to the back of the property and filled up the trailer on the back of my little ride on . i had bought some burlap (Hessian) sheeting earlier so i stitched it together with garden twine in to a bag that i filled with the nettles , put it in a garbage bin full of water and there it will sit for 2 weeks when i will mix it with water and apply ti the plants. the book says to dilute 1:15 with water or it could burn the plants …. i will try it onĀ  a small scale at first just because what can go wrong generally does .



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