Vegas – Grand Canyon

Virgin had started a new direct flight from my home town to Vegas and a friend of mine had booked a trip , so as i had not seen him in a while and Vegas only being a short flight from where i am now i decided to meet him there .With it being suck a long flight for him he had arranged a 7 day stay in Vegas , thats a quite a long time to stay in Vegas so we had to plan more than just the usual drinking , Gambling and general partying .

one thing i just had to see was the Grand Canyon so we booked a helicopter tour to go see it , i absolutely wanted to land and walk around int he canyon so we booked a flight with Mustang Helicopter tours out of Henderson NV . Mustang picked us up from our hotel and took us out to Henderson Airport a very slick operation . Landing in the Grand Canyon is amazing , we have all seen the Canyon on TV but you don’t realize the sides are 4000ft high which just makes it breath taking .

whilst in Vegas we also took in a couple of shows, the comedy club and David Copperfield both where really good .

Another thing that we just had to do , with us being from the UK we don’t get much contact with Guns so the Gun Shop was an amazing experience shooting guns we had only ever seen on TV …what an experience .

Hoover Dam is amazing !

So 7 days in Vegas didn’t end up to be too long , i think it was just the right amount of time to fit it all in.


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