Arctic Trip Video

I have finally got around to making a short video for my Arctic Trip in 2010.

i had so much video footage and pictures that it takes some thinking of what way to put them together. The video was taken with my first video camera a Samsung flash standard def camera and as this was my first real try at videoing a trip or anything i was not very good at it all though i ended up with a lot of video clips, there are not much usable footage and then there is the danger of making a video too long and boring so i wanted to keep this short and sweet.

I left out a lot of the camping videos and scenery panning and just used photography to show the scenery.

Tho my video editing skills are not very good, in fact i say that i am very good at editing videos badly.I hope i managed to make a video that portrays the essence of the trip and is not overly boring?


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