Life goes on – the amazing plant


Last year I bought a plant and pot at winners a discount store similar to tj or tk max depending on which country you are in . It was an Amaryllis . I planted the bulb and added the soil.provided and watered it a few weeks later it had a beautiful flower blooming but then I went away and on my return it was all droop and no flower so I decided I didn’t looted the plant without the flower so I didn’t want it but it just would not die.

Last autumn / fall i cut the plant back to the soil and forgot about it . That was about 6 months ago imagine my surprise when after about 9 months of no water the bulb started again to throw up a shoot . These plants just seem to be in killable .

I have decided that I should water it and care for it after living through this abuse but I will be away four a couple of weeks so have put it in a dark cupboard until I come back.

I think that if a nuclear war ever breaks out the only things left will be cockroaches and amaryllis.


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