Arctic Trip Video

I have finally got around to making a short video for my Arctic Trip in 2010.

i had so much video footage and pictures that it takes some thinking of what way to put them together. The video was taken with my first video camera a Samsung flash standard def camera and as this was my first real try at videoing a trip or anything i was not very good at it all though i ended up with a lot of video clips, there are not much usable footage and then there is the danger of making a video too long and boring so i wanted to keep this short and sweet.

I left out a lot of the camping videos and scenery panning and just used photography to show the scenery.

Tho my video editing skills are not very good, in fact i say that i am very good at editing videos badly.I hope i managed to make a video that portrays the essence of the trip and is not overly boring?


Life goes on – the amazing plant


Last year I bought a plant and pot at winners a discount store similar to tj or tk max depending on which country you are in . It was an Amaryllis . I planted the bulb and added the soil.provided and watered it a few weeks later it had a beautiful flower blooming but then I went away and on my return it was all droop and no flower so I decided I didn’t looted the plant without the flower so I didn’t want it but it just would not die.

Last autumn / fall i cut the plant back to the soil and forgot about it . That was about 6 months ago imagine my surprise when after about 9 months of no water the bulb started again to throw up a shoot . These plants just seem to be in killable .

I have decided that I should water it and care for it after living through this abuse but I will be away four a couple of weeks so have put it in a dark cupboard until I come back.

I think that if a nuclear war ever breaks out the only things left will be cockroaches and amaryllis.

Best Days of our lives ?

we have all ┬áheard on the news about the suicides of Homosexual teens in North America and the “It gets better” Anti bullying movement. I recently saw a video created by the Vancouver Mens Chorus and in it a few of the experiences some people had at high school.
it got me to thinking about my high school experience. i was never bullied at high school for any reason. what i remember most of all is how many people told me ” you will look back and realize that school days are the best days of your life ” well i am about half way through my life and i am still not looking back in agreement.

let me get this straight i was never bullied , picked on or any thing else, i did kind of enjoy my time at high school but i have never looked back on it and thought how wonderful it was in fact quite the opposite the the more i live my life i realize what a horrible experience high school actually is. in yourself you feel that you are an adult but you have no rights as an adult , you rely on your parents for nearly everything from what time you have to be home to you income form your allowance .you are never really in control of your life because at anytime you could have to cancel all your plans because you are grounded . So for me although i did enjoy High school at the time i would never want to repeat it , go back or even look at it as “the best days of my life” in fact life only seems to get better the older i get.

in conclusion adults telling kids “these are the best years of your life” to kids that are already having a hard time and feeling lost can only send them over the edge .

It Gets Better!

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