A beautiful winter day

Winter can be mostly grey and a little down heartening but those crisp clean sunny winter days are just hard to beat .

looking out over Vancouver harbour in Stanley park.

Two empty benches looking out over the ocean on a sunny winter day.


4 Responses to A beautiful winter day

  1. Beautiful colors, I particularly like the contrast between the background and the grass in the first shot, and the way the sun glitters behind the trees. And there’s such a powerful atmosphere in these pictures…

  2. Simon says:

    Thank you. it was just one of those beautiful winter days

  3. Hello, Simon.
    I just got to your blog… and the first thing that cought my eye was these clouds! It looks like sunset… the trees have an exceptional silhouette-like mood.I like how the trees are same-colored and the rest is in the deep possessions of reflection and sunlight.

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