What it takes to be Canadian – Snowshoeing

grouse-chaletEarlier this year I bought a two year lift pass on Grouse mountain as I was doing the grind and it would be a big saving on the cable car ride down, with this pass I got a voucher for free snowshoe rental . I figured in my quest to experience all that my new Canadian home has to offer I would give it a try . it turned out to be nothing like I had imagined . The snowshoes actually pivot around the foot not the solid type of tennis racket I expected and they also have spikes on them to provide grip on the climbs . on Grouse mountain there is a special snowshoe course that they call the snowshoe grind paying reference to the famous Grouse Grind. it really is just hiking through the snow but you can walk on the snow without sinking up to your knees . The day we went turned out to be beautiful weather , without planning we managed to luck up on the one day break in the normal rain. and the absolute best thing about snowshoeing is that when you have climbed all those steep hills kicking the spikes in to get grip you get to slide down them on the way back down , needless to say that the trip back down takes a fraction of the time it takes to get you to the top .we also seemed to luck out with the timing as we set off at 2pm on our way back down we where treated to a beautiful sunset over the gulf.

Now with snowshoeing , snowboarding, 4×4 and fishing out of the way i just need to wrestle a Grizzly bear and i should get a Canadian Passport


2 Responses to What it takes to be Canadian – Snowshoeing

  1. Mat says:

    always awesome photos Simon. found your blog again thanks to Google Buzz!!!

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