Sunday’s are for doing nothing.

it was my my second Sunday back home but really the first didn’t count as I only arrived back on the Friday so you need a few days to get in to the groove of things . I had arranged to catch up with my good friend here and just go do some walking and just take everything in. I picked him up and we went over to Ft Langley to have a look around, a walk by the river and a bite of lunch.

Lunch was good at an interesting place in the little picturesque village . after lunch a walk by the river was a little crowded with  a lot of people and the walk there is not so pretty in the winter especially now they have built all the condo’s so we decided to head back home and on the way stop by Crescent Beach for a walk along there. no matter how cold and bleak it is I always enjoy a walk along the beach. it was a bit of a grey day until we arrived there and it cleared up but with a good wind blowing as we got down to the beach there were lots of people out parasailing .

IMAG0224parasailing is when you stand on a board similar to a small surf board and you fly a kite that looks like a small parachute . I think  this may be taking over from windsurfing . in all my times of walking along Crescent Beach this was the first time I had seen them there . to my surprise a lot of the people participating in this sport where on the older side I would say mid fifties.

we stood and watched them for a while ,discussed how it was too cold for us to try it, took a few pictures and then headed back to the coffee shop for a hot drink .

this was just the perfect Sunday , exactly what Sundays are made for doing nothing much and enjoying it


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