A Different Perspective

I have just finished reading an amazing book that forces you to look at life a little differently.  the title of the book is “Tuesdays With Morrie” by Mitch Albom. the book is a real life story of a quite amazing man.

Morrie is a professor and Mitch was his real life student , they had lost touch until Mitch sees a nightline program staring Morrie who is talking about his disease and his thoughts on his imposing death .

This book really makes you take in the connections you make with people in the past and present , it makes you try to keep in contact with family overseas and gives you a great perspective on life. I think this book should be compulsory reading .

my brother moved over to Australia a little before I moved to Canada and we had kind of started to loose touch a little over the past months even though we were so close back home which rung true with the author in a similar situation with his brother.

I guess being from the UK with its large population in such a small geographical area it kinds of makes you have a detachment from the people around you or maybe it was just how I saw it. This is probably the case in most cities where you feel people are always trying to pull something over on you and some people are but when you break it down and look outside our busy hectic lives of trying to make a buck and succeed in our work and take time to connect with people or even just talk to people you find people are generally good and we always have something in common.


so after reading this book I have been consciously trying to keep in touch more with my friends and  family overseas, and I am trying to be more open to meeting people.

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