First pumpkin party


With Halloween approaching we decided we would have a Halloween party . Mostly because I had not had one before .
With a Halloween party you need pumpkins and has o had never carved put a pumpkin or had a pumpkin lantern before we decided we should have a pumpkin carving party as well on  the preceding Thursday . So off we went to get pumppkpins , heading put of the city  you get the best deals. We went to a. Real interesting place it was kind of like a garden centre/ farmers market , the sold gazebo there and had decorated all the path ways and gazebo with pumpkins it was awesome .

We ended up with 26 pumpkins …..roll on Thursday and then Halloween .


4×4 exploring on the island

I get to spend a lot of time on the island bit usually arrive there by boat or by plane so I never have done much exploring .
This time I traveled by car and ferry so having my 4runner there was a great chance to do some exploring .

I decided I would try try to get to get up to Sarita falls . I trecked a lot of very small over grown roads and I think I did find the access hike but it was so overgrown and not very well marked that I didn’t think it was a good idea to do that so I turned around and went back to a nice river I had passed and did some fly fishing . I didn’t catch any thing but it was such a beautiful place to just hang out for a while and have lunch.
After lunch I looked through the map to find more interesting places to go .I headed off to bug saw lake. As I headed down the overgrown road and finally came to an ocean bay I realized that I must have miser the lake, so I turned around and headed back and I noticed a very slight gap in the vegetation. I got out to explore and realized it was a very overgrown small road only access by foot so I hiked the 10 – 15 min and came to beautiful bug saw lake . I hiked back to the car to get my fly fishing gear and then back to the lake . I spent an hour or so fishing enjoying the beautiful lake and scenery and luckily the weather was beautiful .

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