Last Day of Summer?

It has been such a beautiful day here today . Everyone has been saying this is the last day of summer , i am not sure if that is on the calendar and actually is or whether they are just referring to it being nice and we are heading in to winter .Well you can certainly feel that chill in the air in the mornings and evenings but today was really a beautiful day i just had to go for a walk this morning and take some pictures.

I really love this time of year , late summer early fall , the chill in the mornings but heat in the day . the air just seems so clean and fresh and i think it really reminds me of being a kid especially as the nights start to draw in . i remember collecting firewood for bonfire night  or getting ready for Halloween . also this time of year is just perfect for walking and hiking , seeing all the trees changing and the cooler air lends itself to  you feeling more comfortable and not too hot out on the trail.

Next week i am hoping to get out and do some hiking / exploring and camping which usually makes my posts happen a bit more often 🙂


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