Vampire Fair


Catchy title i guess when you think of how popular vampires are these days, but as always it is just a bit of what the post is about .

This post is a catch up post and my first real post on my new blog. i found out my old blog provider was closing last Friday so i quickly moved all my posts over to here , not wanting to loose them. i am sad to leave vox , i liked the way they laid things out.

so the title is a little of what i have been up to. last weekend i went to see Vampire Weekend , i really like those guys and the concert was open air it was really nice …. the only problem was they didn’t sell alcohol (strange)  tho it was not a problem because i had recently quit smoking so a drink as the last thing i needed .

then this labor day weekend i went to the local exhibition fair . it was the first time i had ever been to this exhibition center it was a real experience , the parking was expensive and not much of it , i did arrive early so i managed to get a spot  and there where many local people trying to sell me a spot in there driveways , which i found a little odd .

once i got in it was very cool lots to see and do and lots of family entertainment . i especially liked the pig racing where 8 pigs would run around a track for dough nuts at the end , it was hilarious and i didn’t think it was cruel or exploited the pigs at all.

in the evening they have free concerts and the day i was there it was Cindy lauper , but there are just so many people there , i think after 7pm or so the price of the tickets comes down so a lot more locals come in then . i left then as i was getting tired and the place was too busy.

i am getting on with my android phone a lot better now.


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