Android is it what i desire?

my n97 mini was just driving me crazy with the email stopping all the time , and the rogers network just sucked with bad coverage . i decided i would change to telus and wanted to try an android phone, so i went with the HTC Desire, so how am i finding it?

after a little over a week i am loving android but finding the hardware a little lacking in a few ways.

the software keyboard takes some getting used to, but even after you have goten used to it the problem is no arrow keys so if you miss out some words or put the wrong word in like i often do….you can never get the cursor where you want it with touch.

the camera is terrible the photo's it delivers are like cell phone photos form years ago ..or maybe i have just been spoiled with the nokia n series lenses i have had.

on the good side Android is awesome, the app store is cool and email and all google apps work fast and reliable.

the battery life on the desire is terrible , even with GPS and bluetooth etc turned off .

will see if i start to like it more or if i will want the droid2 which i originally wanted.

i do think if nokia put Android on the n97 mini they would have an unbeatable phone

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