Last Day of Summer?

It has been such a beautiful day here today . Everyone has been saying this is the last day of summer , i am not sure if that is on the calendar and actually is or whether they are just referring to it being nice and we are heading in to winter .Well you can certainly feel that chill in the air in the mornings and evenings but today was really a beautiful day i just had to go for a walk this morning and take some pictures.

I really love this time of year , late summer early fall , the chill in the mornings but heat in the day . the air just seems so clean and fresh and i think it really reminds me of being a kid especially as the nights start to draw in . i remember collecting firewood for bonfire night  or getting ready for Halloween . also this time of year is just perfect for walking and hiking , seeing all the trees changing and the cooler air lends itself to  you feeling more comfortable and not too hot out on the trail.

Next week i am hoping to get out and do some hiking / exploring and camping which usually makes my posts happen a bit more often 🙂


A Pleasant Surprise

Last night we wanted to go out for dinner  just some place close by and not too much hassle . so we decided to go to a place we had been before the opus hotel dinning room . we had been there last at most 2 weeks back but i remembered walking past there recently and it being closed for renovations . i called them up to arrange a reservation but was told that they didn’t take reservations it was just walk in but they had plenty of space.

on arriving we where a little shocked but impressed with the renovations , very modern contemporary graffiti deco …i liked it . the change from the classic kind of look it was before to this new vibrant look was great . the menu has changed to a more kind of casual dinning line up , but what we had was not your run of the mill casual food , the pot pie was a duck pot pie and was unbelievably good , the mac and cheese with lobster was something else.

this could be a new favourite , the design is great the food is great and the music they where playing was great, but  a little loud for  dinner conversation.

Vampire Fair


Catchy title i guess when you think of how popular vampires are these days, but as always it is just a bit of what the post is about .

This post is a catch up post and my first real post on my new blog. i found out my old blog provider was closing last Friday so i quickly moved all my posts over to here , not wanting to loose them. i am sad to leave vox , i liked the way they laid things out.

so the title is a little of what i have been up to. last weekend i went to see Vampire Weekend , i really like those guys and the concert was open air it was really nice …. the only problem was they didn’t sell alcohol (strange)  tho it was not a problem because i had recently quit smoking so a drink as the last thing i needed .

then this labor day weekend i went to the local exhibition fair . it was the first time i had ever been to this exhibition center it was a real experience , the parking was expensive and not much of it , i did arrive early so i managed to get a spot  and there where many local people trying to sell me a spot in there driveways , which i found a little odd .

once i got in it was very cool lots to see and do and lots of family entertainment . i especially liked the pig racing where 8 pigs would run around a track for dough nuts at the end , it was hilarious and i didn’t think it was cruel or exploited the pigs at all.

in the evening they have free concerts and the day i was there it was Cindy lauper , but there are just so many people there , i think after 7pm or so the price of the tickets comes down so a lot more locals come in then . i left then as i was getting tired and the place was too busy.

i am getting on with my android phone a lot better now.

Just moved in

i have justed moved in to wordpress because my old blog site vox has decided to close its doors , i liked that old site so it will take a little while to settle in here at wordpress , but it already has a nice android app so i think i am going to like it .

Android is it what i desire?

my n97 mini was just driving me crazy with the email stopping all the time , and the rogers network just sucked with bad coverage . i decided i would change to telus and wanted to try an android phone, so i went with the HTC Desire, so how am i finding it?

after a little over a week i am loving android but finding the hardware a little lacking in a few ways.

the software keyboard takes some getting used to, but even after you have goten used to it the problem is no arrow keys so if you miss out some words or put the wrong word in like i often do….you can never get the cursor where you want it with touch.

the camera is terrible the photo's it delivers are like cell phone photos form years ago ..or maybe i have just been spoiled with the nokia n series lenses i have had.

on the good side Android is awesome, the app store is cool and email and all google apps work fast and reliable.

the battery life on the desire is terrible , even with GPS and bluetooth etc turned off .

will see if i start to like it more or if i will want the droid2 which i originally wanted.

i do think if nokia put Android on the n97 mini they would have an unbeatable phone

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