Is Summer nearly over? and isnt nature amazing?

its been a while since i posted on here , since the long trip north i guess …so it has been a while

it does feel like summer is coming to an end i have been looking at my acer tree and noticing the end of the leaves going brown, i figured i hadn’t watered it enough or that it needed feeding , but i have tired all those and have noticed other tress starting to have there leaves go brown , some trees just turn earlier than others i guess.

just last week i noticed a little patch of wild wheat growing in the middle of downtown its amazing , it is just growning on the corner of the street , where a building has been demolished most of the lot is concrete but there is a corner byt the side walk  that has a little bit of gravel and two benches and there by a sign explaining the lot (that i didn’t read) is a little bunch of wild wheat. it really is amazing how nature finds a way and life goes on.


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