Arctic Trip Days 9 + 10 + 11

well the last few days where mostly driving days.

i camped at Deas lake ,BC where they had a fishing derby on and i met two guys from NC traveling up to Alaska …they had done quite a trip , and such a small world one of the guys knew one of my friends , its amazing how things like that happen.
i set off from Deas lake at around 6am heading south i got about 25k south and saw a car in a ditch by the side of the road with all glass in the road i slowed down and realized there was somebody in the passenger seat so i pulled over and went to check if they needed help when i got close i realized it was a girl and she was just slumped in the seat i tried to talk to her and there was no response , i looked for breathing and there was no sign so i didn’t know what to do so i needed to go get help i remembered passing a road works camp a few k back up the road so i headed back to it as quick as the car would take me . on the way i was passing oncoming road work trucks and i flashed etc to try to get there attention but none stopped so i got to the camp and asked if they had communications they did so i asked them to call police/ ambulance when he went to call on the radio one of the trucks that had gone passed was already on the radio calling for help. i headed back south and as i got to the site of the accident the women who i assumed was dead was out of the car and walking around i pulled over and talked to oen of the road work women and told here i thought the girl was dead and i had been up to the camp she said the girl had just been unconcious , they had know what todo and had all the gear so the girl woudl be ok, so i ontinued to drive south .

i was heading to prince rupert to get the ferry over to vancouver island to do a trip down to bamfield. i got to terrace . BC and  there was an accident on the road there  , a fatality was holding up the traffic . one of the locals suggested an old trail just of the road would bypass the accident so off i went , the trail was very unused and overgrown i had to get out of the car a few times to move trees out of the way but i got through , though the truck probably has some pinstripes on it now. when i  got to prince rupert the ferry wanted $830 for the crossing on account of me being over height with my ten on top i am about 7’4″  i just didn’t think this was a fair price so would not pay it and turned tail and headed home . i stopped a couple of times for short naps but pretty much drove all the way back to Vancouver.

in conclusion.
the only reason i can see that anyone from BC would go to Alaska is that they have never been . to me i think BC is the most beautiful. a friend said he never understood why when you took a cruise to Alaska you left in the afternoon and drove through BC in the night arriving in Alaska in the morning ……i think it is because if you saw BC you would tell everyone not to go on the cruise to Alaska and instead just drive through BC instead.
9600km in 11 days was a lot of driving , but i enjoyed every minute of it …….a welcome escape from city life.

IMG 5509IMG 5506IMG 5501IMG 5495IMG 5468IMG 5464IMG 5457

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