Arctic Trip Day 7+8

i drove up to the town called circle in Alaska its on the Yukon river and just below the arctic circle , i have scrapped the idea of going to Prudhoe bay , there is just no point it is all the same .
on the way up to circle there had been Forrest fires so the drive was kind of ugly and the road very bad near the end , apart from a small paved section in the town just before circle . but when you get to this tiny town you can tell its the US there is a post office and an ambulance station …and thankfully a much needed gas station . i spoke to a local about the Forrest fires she told me there was one last year and how scary it was . i can only imagine how frightening that would be being totally surrounded by wild fires .

i camped towards Fairbanks but on the same road , mosquito’s where really bad i got bitten a lot . but i met a nice retired couple from upstate NY . we chatted for too long and it was a cold night , when i woke it was freezing i quickly high tailed it out of there before the mosquito’s started again after now realizing how badly bitten i had been .

i drove down to the Yukon the day was just driving , i stopped late at a campground that had bear warnings …it was a beautiful place tho.


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