Arctic Trip Day 7

Well after the trip down to the arctic circle the back of the car was covered with a centimeter of mud so i took time to wash it off , i tried to clean the wheels off , they are easier to clean than the standard ones hence having them fitted well apart from they look cooler …i just cant seem to get all the mud off and its causing a wheel imbalace …i will have to find a river to drive through 🙂

i developed a noise when driving down a gravel road ,a quick fix it was a small stone stuck in the drive shaft .

i drove down to Dawson city and after a breakfast at the start of the dempster highway , and then on the ferry over and up on the top of the world highway in to Alaska …..its an impressive route but i would hardly call it a highway , it was mud and gravel mostly but i thought once i got to the US border it would be all shiny and paved. how wrong i was .

not much hassle at the border and drove through a town called chicken and then on to Tok where i spent the night , they have a pancake throwing contest and if you can throw an old stale pancake in to a bucket then you get a free breakfast …its harder than it sounds


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