Arctic Trip Day 6

Monday was a huge drive from Whitehorse to Arctic circle and then on the NWT .

as i went along the dempster highway my plans changed , i decided not to go to inuvik as the whole purpose of this trip was to go to the arctic . as i got closer the mosquitoes would swarm the car as i stopped which would make camping unpleasant ….so i figured inuvik would be even worse i had heard about the bugs….. so i went to the arctic circle and then on through to NWT just so i had been …. then i headed back to the first mountains on the dempster and camped by a beautiful creek surrounded by mountains.

on the dempster i saw moose caribou  bears  foxes  rabbits and an owl which i think was one of those burrowing owls , it was flying around in the bright sun …it was 11.30 tho …..i was driving with sunglasses at 11pm.
the smell in the arctic is amazing , pure clean air with a hint of a sweat smell if i could bottle it i am sure you would make a fortune.

so now i am off to Alaska.


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