Arctic Trip Day 4 + 5

the drive up to muncho lake was very impressive , i see why they call them
the rocky mountains now , most are like huge pebbles only greenery at the
bottoms of them .there was one called stone mountain ….quite a lot bigger
than stone mountain in GA.
i had planned to stay at a lodge on munch but it was so dusty around there i
just was not feeling it , so i carried on driving , every where was so busy
with RV’s all the muncho lake campsites where full anyways so i went to the
Liard River *hot springs* they where also full. so i spent the night camped
in the parking lots with lots other people . the hot springs where some of
the best i have been too , very big and very hot ….two big pool you could
actually swim in them …and i did. i was in bed for about 9pm to get ready
for a long drive to Whitehorse in the Yukon, i woke up at 12.30am wanting to
pee and int he tent it was very dark as i unzipped the door i nearly burnt
my retinas out it was so bright outside still. i was up at 5.30am for one
last trip to the hot springs before i got my early departure , i didn’t get
away to early because i had to help a guy get his Audi started. after this
and the previous night disabling somebodies alarm on there car after they
got the fob wet in the hot springs it was like being a mechanic
again….always happy to lend a hand .

i have met some interesting people along the way. to name a few recent ones
there was an Australian couple from Perth he was amazed with my truck and is
eagerly awaiting there arrival in OZ , a guy in an RV that had drove up from
Arizona and this evening meeting two guys on there way to Alaska on Harley’s
from AL ..what a ride that must be.

i have noticed a lot of people cycling , they must be cycling and camping up
to Alaska , that must be hard work ….id do the truck any day thou i don’t
doubt the accomplishment and personal achievement of cycling there.

on the ride to Whitehorse the scenery is a little more tame but still very
impressive , i saw a heard of wild bison , moose and a cub grizzly.

tomorrow starts the long long drive approximately 2 days of driving up to
inuvik…..the arctic …..bring it on .

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