Arctic Trip Day 3

This trip just keeps getting more and more awesome each day . After yesterdays camp with the black bear , i didn’t  see one or get any signs that they had come in to camp during the night .it didnt get dark until 11pm and was fully light at 3am after all i am heading towards the land of the midnight sun.

i decided not to do the full 13hr drive to muncho lake instead i took my time and stopped to see the sights and there where some awesome sights. there is the most beautiful BC parks campsite on  an amazing lake the campsite is called whiskers point, i wish i had stopped there , i could have spent a few days there easily but it is just too much in between stops for me on this trip.

on the drive i saw a black bear in a meadow besides the road and a river i also saw a dead moose that had been hit by a car it  was a haunting sight, its body all contorted  with its back legs stood up and its front portion lay down but with its legs facing upwards and its head lay right way up on the road with its tongue hanging out , it felt like it was starring at me on the way past .

i drove adjacent to a beautiful lake called moberly lake , it had camping … though it looked nice , i didnt stop.
also i decided not to stop for gas as i had half a tank and ended up having to stop to fill from the jerry can for the sake of 2k but i just didn’t want to run out of gas where there was nowhere to pull over, plus that gave me a chance to let the unwanted tag alongs out of the car , i seemed to have left the previous nights camp with a car full of mosquitoes… how annoying !

i am camping this evening at a bc tourist recommended site just passed the peace dam , and will set off early to get a start on the 9hr drive to muncho.

i am over 1500k now and enjoying a rest in the shade …its 25c here but a nice wind just started up…. oh and if you hadn’t figured it out most of these posts are from my cell phone  so there is no doubt spelling mistakes .


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