Arctic trip day2

I planned an early morning to go do some hiking , but met 2 interesting guys in the next camping lot over . Mat and Trent from Edmonton they are taking the summer out to camp and explore there way across BC and get to Victoria to start a new life there….very interesting guys with good taste in music we chatted and drunk until late so this morning i didn’t really feel like getting up especially as it was cold and raining i finally got up at 8am made breakfast had a look at the falls there …. They are totally amazing then set off on my driving to sumit lake another 500+k im now on 1200k but summit lake didn’t seem to have camping luckily i had passed an rv camp site so i turned around and went there but as i drove in it was a scene straight out of trailer park boys a man riding a tractor stopped talking to Julian having a beer so i chuckled to myself and left i found another site by a river where i am camped now even after seeing a small black bear cub as i drove in …. Long drive again tomorrow.

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