Arctic trip day 1

After covering 500k today because i had bypassed my first stop of jeun lake bc. And as i drove past the turn i realized i had made a good decision as the lake is right besides the highway … The beautiful pictures i had seen did not show that so i went onward to wells Grey park where i am writing this out on my cell phone with the hope that it will send when i hit a patch of cell coverage.
I am undecided where my next stop will be and whether i will be driving tomorrow or the following day.

There are a few waterfalls and hikes that i would like to do in this park so i plan to get up early and go hiking the camp site i am on is on a golf course and has good amenities so i will do the hikes …. In the rain of course then grab a shower to warm up and then see if i feel. Up to the 7hr drive to the next stop, if not i will spend another night here and then drive.

Here are a few cell pics there was not much time to stop for pics after loading the car up and then the drive straight through to this destination.

I have no idea when this post will be uploaded so i will just keep writing them.

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2 Responses to Arctic trip day 1

  1. Simon, wow wow wow, just leting you know I'm following you!

  2. Simon says:

    Hi Julie, thanks.more to come 🙂

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