Arctic Trip Days 9 + 10 + 11

well the last few days where mostly driving days.

i camped at Deas lake ,BC where they had a fishing derby on and i met two guys from NC traveling up to Alaska …they had done quite a trip , and such a small world one of the guys knew one of my friends , its amazing how things like that happen.
i set off from Deas lake at around 6am heading south i got about 25k south and saw a car in a ditch by the side of the road with all glass in the road i slowed down and realized there was somebody in the passenger seat so i pulled over and went to check if they needed help when i got close i realized it was a girl and she was just slumped in the seat i tried to talk to her and there was no response , i looked for breathing and there was no sign so i didn’t know what to do so i needed to go get help i remembered passing a road works camp a few k back up the road so i headed back to it as quick as the car would take me . on the way i was passing oncoming road work trucks and i flashed etc to try to get there attention but none stopped so i got to the camp and asked if they had communications they did so i asked them to call police/ ambulance when he went to call on the radio one of the trucks that had gone passed was already on the radio calling for help. i headed back south and as i got to the site of the accident the women who i assumed was dead was out of the car and walking around i pulled over and talked to oen of the road work women and told here i thought the girl was dead and i had been up to the camp she said the girl had just been unconcious , they had know what todo and had all the gear so the girl woudl be ok, so i ontinued to drive south .

i was heading to prince rupert to get the ferry over to vancouver island to do a trip down to bamfield. i got to terrace . BC and  there was an accident on the road there  , a fatality was holding up the traffic . one of the locals suggested an old trail just of the road would bypass the accident so off i went , the trail was very unused and overgrown i had to get out of the car a few times to move trees out of the way but i got through , though the truck probably has some pinstripes on it now. when i  got to prince rupert the ferry wanted $830 for the crossing on account of me being over height with my ten on top i am about 7’4″  i just didn’t think this was a fair price so would not pay it and turned tail and headed home . i stopped a couple of times for short naps but pretty much drove all the way back to Vancouver.

in conclusion.
the only reason i can see that anyone from BC would go to Alaska is that they have never been . to me i think BC is the most beautiful. a friend said he never understood why when you took a cruise to Alaska you left in the afternoon and drove through BC in the night arriving in Alaska in the morning ……i think it is because if you saw BC you would tell everyone not to go on the cruise to Alaska and instead just drive through BC instead.
9600km in 11 days was a lot of driving , but i enjoyed every minute of it …….a welcome escape from city life.

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Arctic Trip Day 7+8

i drove up to the town called circle in Alaska its on the Yukon river and just below the arctic circle , i have scrapped the idea of going to Prudhoe bay , there is just no point it is all the same .
on the way up to circle there had been Forrest fires so the drive was kind of ugly and the road very bad near the end , apart from a small paved section in the town just before circle . but when you get to this tiny town you can tell its the US there is a post office and an ambulance station …and thankfully a much needed gas station . i spoke to a local about the Forrest fires she told me there was one last year and how scary it was . i can only imagine how frightening that would be being totally surrounded by wild fires .

i camped towards Fairbanks but on the same road , mosquito’s where really bad i got bitten a lot . but i met a nice retired couple from upstate NY . we chatted for too long and it was a cold night , when i woke it was freezing i quickly high tailed it out of there before the mosquito’s started again after now realizing how badly bitten i had been .

i drove down to the Yukon the day was just driving , i stopped late at a campground that had bear warnings …it was a beautiful place tho.


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Arctic Trip Day 7

Well after the trip down to the arctic circle the back of the car was covered with a centimeter of mud so i took time to wash it off , i tried to clean the wheels off , they are easier to clean than the standard ones hence having them fitted well apart from they look cooler …i just cant seem to get all the mud off and its causing a wheel imbalace …i will have to find a river to drive through 🙂

i developed a noise when driving down a gravel road ,a quick fix it was a small stone stuck in the drive shaft .

i drove down to Dawson city and after a breakfast at the start of the dempster highway , and then on the ferry over and up on the top of the world highway in to Alaska …..its an impressive route but i would hardly call it a highway , it was mud and gravel mostly but i thought once i got to the US border it would be all shiny and paved. how wrong i was .

not much hassle at the border and drove through a town called chicken and then on to Tok where i spent the night , they have a pancake throwing contest and if you can throw an old stale pancake in to a bucket then you get a free breakfast …its harder than it sounds


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Arctic Trip Day 6

Monday was a huge drive from Whitehorse to Arctic circle and then on the NWT .

as i went along the dempster highway my plans changed , i decided not to go to inuvik as the whole purpose of this trip was to go to the arctic . as i got closer the mosquitoes would swarm the car as i stopped which would make camping unpleasant ….so i figured inuvik would be even worse i had heard about the bugs….. so i went to the arctic circle and then on through to NWT just so i had been …. then i headed back to the first mountains on the dempster and camped by a beautiful creek surrounded by mountains.

on the dempster i saw moose caribou  bears  foxes  rabbits and an owl which i think was one of those burrowing owls , it was flying around in the bright sun …it was 11.30 tho …..i was driving with sunglasses at 11pm.
the smell in the arctic is amazing , pure clean air with a hint of a sweat smell if i could bottle it i am sure you would make a fortune.

so now i am off to Alaska.


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Arctic Trip Day 4 + 5

the drive up to muncho lake was very impressive , i see why they call them
the rocky mountains now , most are like huge pebbles only greenery at the
bottoms of them .there was one called stone mountain ….quite a lot bigger
than stone mountain in GA.
i had planned to stay at a lodge on munch but it was so dusty around there i
just was not feeling it , so i carried on driving , every where was so busy
with RV’s all the muncho lake campsites where full anyways so i went to the
Liard River *hot springs* they where also full. so i spent the night camped
in the parking lots with lots other people . the hot springs where some of
the best i have been too , very big and very hot ….two big pool you could
actually swim in them …and i did. i was in bed for about 9pm to get ready
for a long drive to Whitehorse in the Yukon, i woke up at 12.30am wanting to
pee and int he tent it was very dark as i unzipped the door i nearly burnt
my retinas out it was so bright outside still. i was up at 5.30am for one
last trip to the hot springs before i got my early departure , i didn’t get
away to early because i had to help a guy get his Audi started. after this
and the previous night disabling somebodies alarm on there car after they
got the fob wet in the hot springs it was like being a mechanic
again….always happy to lend a hand .

i have met some interesting people along the way. to name a few recent ones
there was an Australian couple from Perth he was amazed with my truck and is
eagerly awaiting there arrival in OZ , a guy in an RV that had drove up from
Arizona and this evening meeting two guys on there way to Alaska on Harley’s
from AL ..what a ride that must be.

i have noticed a lot of people cycling , they must be cycling and camping up
to Alaska , that must be hard work ….id do the truck any day thou i don’t
doubt the accomplishment and personal achievement of cycling there.

on the ride to Whitehorse the scenery is a little more tame but still very
impressive , i saw a heard of wild bison , moose and a cub grizzly.

tomorrow starts the long long drive approximately 2 days of driving up to
inuvik…..the arctic …..bring it on .

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Arctic Trip Day 3

This trip just keeps getting more and more awesome each day . After yesterdays camp with the black bear , i didn’t  see one or get any signs that they had come in to camp during the night .it didnt get dark until 11pm and was fully light at 3am after all i am heading towards the land of the midnight sun.

i decided not to do the full 13hr drive to muncho lake instead i took my time and stopped to see the sights and there where some awesome sights. there is the most beautiful BC parks campsite on  an amazing lake the campsite is called whiskers point, i wish i had stopped there , i could have spent a few days there easily but it is just too much in between stops for me on this trip.

on the drive i saw a black bear in a meadow besides the road and a river i also saw a dead moose that had been hit by a car it  was a haunting sight, its body all contorted  with its back legs stood up and its front portion lay down but with its legs facing upwards and its head lay right way up on the road with its tongue hanging out , it felt like it was starring at me on the way past .

i drove adjacent to a beautiful lake called moberly lake , it had camping … though it looked nice , i didnt stop.
also i decided not to stop for gas as i had half a tank and ended up having to stop to fill from the jerry can for the sake of 2k but i just didn’t want to run out of gas where there was nowhere to pull over, plus that gave me a chance to let the unwanted tag alongs out of the car , i seemed to have left the previous nights camp with a car full of mosquitoes… how annoying !

i am camping this evening at a bc tourist recommended site just passed the peace dam , and will set off early to get a start on the 9hr drive to muncho.

i am over 1500k now and enjoying a rest in the shade …its 25c here but a nice wind just started up…. oh and if you hadn’t figured it out most of these posts are from my cell phone  so there is no doubt spelling mistakes .


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Arctic trip day2

I planned an early morning to go do some hiking , but met 2 interesting guys in the next camping lot over . Mat and Trent from Edmonton they are taking the summer out to camp and explore there way across BC and get to Victoria to start a new life there….very interesting guys with good taste in music we chatted and drunk until late so this morning i didn’t really feel like getting up especially as it was cold and raining i finally got up at 8am made breakfast had a look at the falls there …. They are totally amazing then set off on my driving to sumit lake another 500+k im now on 1200k but summit lake didn’t seem to have camping luckily i had passed an rv camp site so i turned around and went there but as i drove in it was a scene straight out of trailer park boys a man riding a tractor stopped talking to Julian having a beer so i chuckled to myself and left i found another site by a river where i am camped now even after seeing a small black bear cub as i drove in …. Long drive again tomorrow.

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