Changed The Header

As you can see from the new look of the blog , i have changed the header in preparation for the adventure to the Arctic circle .

i have been doing more of the planning and the route calculation, i now have the new wheels and tyres on the truck and took it for a run out to the west coast of the island , it handled the high speed gravel roads there no problem …a few beep beeps and self correct ….the auto slide control is awesome and very fast at correcting the drift.

there is something about the logging road dirt, it gets everywhere and is a nightmare to get off , even after washing and rinsing its still on the car and especially on the wheels , they need a good pressure wash with the big gaps int he design they are definitely easier to clean than the stock ones.

so what do you think about the header? i am still undecided …it will grow on me i suppose and i thought it apt.

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