Sleighbells and Yeasayer

i was just buying some CD's from Amazon the other day , just some music i
wanted for a while and they said i needed another $5 and i would have free
shipping , being one to never pass up a bargain i remembered a band i had
heard on sirius XMU that i really liked called Sleighbells, so i tried to
find them in amazon and could not so i googled to see if i had the name
right and ended up on there myspace page and found out they where playing in
my city supporting another band i had heard and liked called yeasayer . so i
quickly bought tickets .
last night i went to see them there was hardly anyone there and Sleighbells
really rocked , they have some wierd songs but others are so cool and llive
they just blow you away , even though the sound producers had the monitor
levels too low . being the oldie i am now i didnt think i would be able to
stay awake for the full set of yeah sayer as at that venue they like to come
on late it seems . byt the time the headline act "Yeasayer " came on the
place was packed out …..such a shame that all those people missed out on
the Sleighbells .

Don't get me wrong and maybe its me being a bit of an old fool , yeasayer
where really polished and good live pop act but for me and i guess this may
come from my roots but i love the rough original gritty sound of the
Sleighbells so i am actually happy they where the support act and came on
first as i only managed to sleep deprive myself for about 5 songs of

great night !

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