Arctic Trip – Planning what to see.

I have started planning my trip to the arctic circle . just drawing up a course with a few places i want to see on it .

it is stilll in the planning stages as none of the guide books have arrived as of yet so i dont really know where i want to stop . but as a rough plan its ok.

i have not worked the timing factor in to this either yet, how much i want to spend in places etc

but here is a rough plan of where i want to go just for now

Arctic Map

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“What a beautiful day to breathe fresh air in a free country”

After my travels i am back here in vancouver . Arriving just in time to see the canadian hockey team beat USA for a gold medal and the inevital party that followed… Well done to all the olympic atheletes.

Toronto was awesome Cayman was wonderfuly relaxing. But i cant help but think maybe we should have hung around for the olympics?

The weather is awesome here right now.
And here are some pics on the night of a shcnitzel dinner in north vancouver just to show you the great weather.


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