Grand Cayman

i have spent the last week and some in Grand Cayman.

i didn't think i would like it too much. The usual too hot and boaring
tropical place, but much to my surprise i found the climate very nice and
the se was so nice to swim in . i have mostly just been relaxing here on the
beach…walking up and down the beach or swimming .

we had a trip up to the turtle farm which was very cool you get to see a lot
of huge turtles , and you even get to eat them at the restraunt at the end .
i tried the turtle stew ,it was very yummy until i got apiece of turtle
grizzle that had some skin on it it nearly made me vomit …in fact i heaved
a few times

Also went to Rum Point , a sand bar and beach. a very nice beach day …but
no real point going there its a long drive there are lots of people and when
your condo is on 7 miles beach there is no point as 7mile is a very very
nice beach.

there is 4 more days until i go back home , i am kind of looking forward to
it but am also enjoying being here so far .

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