Last Day In Toronto

After the thrill of the opera i had a little time to wander around
Toronto and get some pics . I have been lucky enough to have some
great weather clear blue skies but cold .
So with te clear skies i decided to head up the CN tower, my previous
trip here i didnt have chance to go up so with the only thing on the
agenda today being a dinner at the toula restraunt i had plenty of
time to go out and take a few pictures.

At the CN tower i opted to go all the way and got the ticket including
the trip u to the highest platform called the sky pod, it was an extra
7 dolars … Was it worth it? Well i unfortunatly have to say no! The
first platform is awesome and gives great views of the city albeit
through glass . There is even a restraunt up there , but the second
platform (sky pod) was no better really .
I was a little dissapointed that there was no unhindered view to take
pictures … When inside you are behind glass and when you go on the
outside platform understandably there is cage all around. In
conclusion if you are visiting Toronto make sure you do the CN tower.


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