Carmen in Toronto

I am avoiding the madness thats is olympic Vancouver with a trip to
Grand Cayman but with a stop over for a few days in Toronto. Looking
for things to do whilst here i found that Carmen was playing at the
Four Seasons opera house having never been to an opera before but
enjoying the music of Carmen so much so that i have the CD i thought i
should book tickets to see it.

Upon arriving in Toronto one particular thing stood out …..boy is it
cold here . With the inhabitants telling me how mild this winter has
been i am sure glad i came on a "mild winter".

I have to say i have much love for Toronto it is an awesome world
class city every bit as exciting as other world cities but with a very
canadian feel.

Back to the opera ! It was a great experiance and a great opera . I
think the Carmen had been switched because i thought the micaela was a
stronger singer. For me it being my first opera i didnt know what to
expect so i was sure happy to find that it had english sub titles. I
was amazed at the symphony and the tecnicalites of how it was all put
together. The set design was oustanding i just couldnt figure out how
the did the changes so fast especialy for the las act at the bull

Toronto rocks and real estate is cheap … you never know lol

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