2010 so far

A lot has happened since my last post …which usualy happens when it
has been so long since last time.

I have been getting used to my phone (n95 mini) . I like it though it
does have some quirks. Iam still not a fan of the touch screen.. Well
just touch screens in general, but iam loving the keyboard in fact so
much so that i am writting this post on it right now.

Besides the phone i took delivery of my new truck the 2010 Toyota
4runner Trail Edition. I was a little concerned about the ground
clearance on it , at around 9" it just didn't seem enough but after
reading about its entry and exit angles and watching a video on
youtube of it on the Rubicon trail i said why not.
I did take it on a little trial test and i have to say the suspension
on it is unbelievably good. Speed bumps are no problem around town. It
also has some great features like bluetooth with streaming audio … I
can listen to my mp3 music.
It seems so comfortable on and off road . Though with it being a new
model after market accesories are hard to come by, i am having some
nicer wheels fitted after finding the factory ones hard to clean
baisically meaning i had to get on my knees and rub the dirt from
inbetween the holes ….ok i am lazy.

What else has happened?
A hawaii trip over the holiday . And i am getting ready to leave for
Grand Cayman to avoid the olympic madness which is screwing up the
city with road closures and parks being paved….so much tax money
screwing up public areas.
The weather here has been very mild this winter probably because it is
an el nino year. But the city has plans and is bringing in snow from
further inland for the games.

Here are some pictues from the past few months.

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