Life with N97 mini

i have had my nokia n97 mini for nearly two weeks, i have not used it heavily because of traveling but have done quite a bit of playing with it .

the touch screen portion of it i am not impressed with, i don't think it is any worse than any other touch screen i just don't get along well with them for some reason they really irritate me….thankfully it has the other option.

the apps and the device in general i think is great , coming from an n95 to this device there are some adjustments needed they have moved around all the usually things i used infact the whole look and feel of the os is totaly different it is very very slick and nice looking.

the functionality of this device is quite awesome, the maps have been upgraded and look great they also change around as you move to keep direction oriented . i have still to set up the SIP on this phone but i do know it is still in there . The sync function with Google contacts and calendar via the nokia mail for exchange is really great

there is push email for gmail too , though i think this is a trial and they will want to charge a subscription later…..depends on the price but i think it will be worth it .

it really is an awesome device a good size and weight and i will post more as i get to use it more , as you probably know i was a heavy user of the camera and bideo features so with the new "flash video support" maybe i can export to flash from the device ???? anyway there is a share your video button wich i am yet to explore .

stay tuned for more !

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Karmic Upgrade

i had not even thought aboutĀ  a new release i was so happy with my laptop running jaunty, so i was surprised when my little notification popped up saying upgrade to new version?

usually i would say no and plod along until i decided i need to upgrade because of lack of functionality in hardware or software version……but no this time i clicked yes .

when my laptop booted upĀ  it was blue again arrrrgggghhhhh!!!! why oh why oh why would they revert to the boring blue crap after the beautiful dark theme of jaunty…..well it got worse from there believe me .

i logged in and there ares no toolbars or anything , so i alt+f2 open a terminal rename my .kde folder and reboot , still the same only this time no alt+f2.

so i decided to reinstall.
i set it up with encrypted home because i already had that
after i booted in to my shinny new install i looked to swap the location of my encrypted home to my old encrypted home only they changed the way they do it so i could not do that….. i actually prefer the way they do it .

after copying all my data and now i am settling in to it , what do i think?

well to be honest so far i think Karmic sucks, i give it does seem faster and very stable so far , but the look of it is so ugly compared to jaunty , i know i can change all the themes etc……….one thing that just looks ugly and wiered is the network manager ….i got on well with that on jaunty it was easy and worked well and looked pretty. i read online t got a make over in karmic , well it has …..a fugly make over , now it doesn’t look like the nice one in jaunty it looks like it should be on gnome ..i think for Ubuntu its a make over but for pretty KDE its a fugly disaster……well maybe i can change it in themes etc?

anyway enough of my whining its stable and works …i just made a lot of work for myself pressing that upgrade button.


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