Heat Wave And A Long Weekend

it has been so hot this last week that the one air conditiong unit in the bedroom just could not keep up so i moved the other portable one in from the second bedroom and that made it a little better but with temp set to hit 36C, it was time to move on to the boat that is fully air conditioned and a little cooler down town.

this weekend has  been a hot one and kind of a busy one downtown, there was a critical mass cycle thing and the police games and also it was pride weekend.

critical mass , i didnt see it as i didnt really go out and look but i have heard about them a lot of cyclists blocking up the roads on the , dont get me started on cyclists , they are always bitching about car drivers not taking much notice of them but they do the exact same things to pedestrians , there is a sea wall that they hurtle around and when you cross there you nearly get hit by cyclists, they just dont care and take no notice of pedestrians and make no notice to give way to pedestrians.

the rest of the festivities i have basically ignored , i baked a cake for alans birthday a double custard cake and made some foaccia bread for snacks

this hot week i have also had chance to get soem new things for the jeep , a winch and some other things i wanted , also i manged to get a new rear bumper that has a fuel and water carried on it ….i guess i am gearing up for another adventure though i am not sure as to where jsut yet .

back home tomorrow as i think the weather has cooled down enough now .

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