Family visit and more

it has been a while since i posted on here, mainly because i had a family visit , my brother and his wife visited from Australia . they had a good time here and was good to see them.

we went to victoria and drove through the rainforests and also went to grouse and the suspension bridge went on a boat ride up the indian arm and also out fishing on the west coast of the island.

since there return i went back out to the island by plane , did a little fishing and then came back home via ganges …..ganges i always thought was in india but it is a place on one of the gulf islands , a beautiful little town and the weather there was amazing …very hot and just a great evening spent there . then back home.

back home i have been working on my website and trying to get some things together for my jeep so i can do the off road trips easily . i am hoping to explore some this year and hopefully get out and do more hikes… i have been a rather inactive on the hiking front for the past few years so i really should take it slowly and not do anything to insane for a while lol.

i went to buy a pritner/ scanner the other day from walmart…against my better judgement i bought a kodak one i got it home and what a POS i had tons of problems with software in my windows VM rember i run linux ……so it didnt work i took it back and picked up a hp …got that home to find it had been previously sold it had already been asembled and had no pacaging in the box bits where broken on it and it even had a piece of card someone had tried to scanned in it and a paper jam lol , so i took that one back also and then went to future shop and got a hp wich i have to say works great on linux nativley so no need for the windows VM its a HP F4280 and works great on Kubutu though its a low end printer i just needed a printer for a project that needed 4×6 photos printed , my big epson doesnt go that small

i do have a couple of videos and some pictures to share of the past weeks activities, one with a bald eagle and one with some killer whales so check them out.

Eaglecut 02072009058

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