A few days in the wild west

i bet you are all wondering what i have been up to as i have not wrote anything for a while.?

no not really i hear you say! well you should at least act like you are interested becasue i am going to tell you anyway!

i played a little baseball last thursday, infact i did quite well i caught someone out and scored two runs on each f my two batting trys , but i did managed to have a fall and really hurt my ankle i eventually went to the hospital today some 4 days afterwards and they said it wasnt broken……….. i hear you wonder what i was doing for four days….well let me tell you !

This weekend i decided to go ona bit of an off road trip up to a remote lake called fire lake and camp over night and come back sunday . so i only decided to do this on wednesday so there was a lot of getting ready.
so on saturday we set off , it took about 1.5 hrs to get to the start of the logging road ,we drove up the west side of harrison lake all the way up …for much of the way the logging road was not too bad but up near the top of the lake there where some challenging bits wich didnt really phase the jeep too much , though i did manage to bust a tie rod on the jeep ( it think this was on its way out before as i ahd heard noises). when we got up to the remote part of the road , quite heavy going and at around 3500ft elevation we started to see black bears , just catching sight of the back of them as they hurried off the road in to the forrest but after seeing about 3 partial sightings and one sighting when we stopped and looked in the forrest we actually ended up following one as it ran up the road to get away….. they really can move very fast.

so after seeing all those bears i was totaly freaked out about sleeping in a tent ……having been so frightened of the thought of a bear encounter i had pepper spray and a survival knife strapped to my belt to protect me form bear attack …a little over kill i know ….but you do have to remember i have never had any experiance with bears.

so after that we strarted a bit of a decent and the road was getting a bit better when we encountered two guy on motorbikes they had been to alaska and where on there way back home …..must have been an awesome trip ….but one of the guys had just had a fall and hurt his ankle ……..we where loaded up to the max in the jeep but we had to help so we would take him to the logigng camp up the road ……. i coudl have road his bike there had my ankle had not been in the same state as his from my earlier baseball folly. so he had to leave his bike , ben held on to the back of the jeep and he got in and off we went to the logging camp and them to there nurse outpost.

after that little bit of excitement we went on to fire lake , it was totaly amazing drive lots of snow covered mountians and the promise of a trout dinner lol. anyways once we got to fire lake we woudl have to do a short hike to get to the lake , i just couldnt do that with my ankle the way it was , the 1ft deep wud would have surely killed me …so we tried to contact the friends we had meeting us by plane to no avail( turns out they didnt come) we waited around a little and then decided to head over to glacier lake where the book showed there was a campsite right by the lake .

when we got to glacier lake there was some weird trailer/camper in the campign site , someone had set up this creepy camp there , it actually spoiled the feel of the place but it was still a totally beatifull and totally remote and when you ignore the trailer it was totally awesome . we had a good evening dinner there , ribs and veg and then a great breakfast .then set off home contiuning up the same road to pemberton and then back home down the sea to sky highway.

soo all in all we did 230k of pure offroad driving all in all i woudl say the trip was about 600+k , at the end of that week i ended up with a broken jeep and sore ankle but a great week.
i am working on editing together some videos and pics we took on the trip but until then here are a few pics.



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Family visit and more

it has been a while since i posted on here, mainly because i had a family visit , my brother and his wife visited from Australia . they had a good time here and was good to see them.

we went to victoria and drove through the rainforests and also went to grouse and the suspension bridge went on a boat ride up the indian arm and also out fishing on the west coast of the island.

since there return i went back out to the island by plane , did a little fishing and then came back home via ganges …..ganges i always thought was in india but it is a place on one of the gulf islands , a beautiful little town and the weather there was amazing …very hot and just a great evening spent there . then back home.

back home i have been working on my website and trying to get some things together for my jeep so i can do the off road trips easily . i am hoping to explore some this year and hopefully get out and do more hikes… i have been a rather inactive on the hiking front for the past few years so i really should take it slowly and not do anything to insane for a while lol.

i went to buy a pritner/ scanner the other day from walmart…against my better judgement i bought a kodak one i got it home and what a POS i had tons of problems with software in my windows VM rember i run linux ……so it didnt work i took it back and picked up a hp …got that home to find it had been previously sold it had already been asembled and had no pacaging in the box bits where broken on it and it even had a piece of card someone had tried to scanned in it and a paper jam lol , so i took that one back also and then went to future shop and got a hp wich i have to say works great on linux nativley so no need for the windows VM its a HP F4280 and works great on Kubutu though its a low end printer i just needed a printer for a project that needed 4×6 photos printed , my big epson doesnt go that small

i do have a couple of videos and some pictures to share of the past weeks activities, one with a bald eagle and one with some killer whales so check them out.

Eaglecut 02072009058

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