Doves, Sun, Boats and Rambling

A few of you may have seen an earlier post that i accidentaly deleted so i will try to recreate it and also a little update of what been going on since.

i went to see the doves concert in vancouver , i expected them to be a little slow and mellow …alright alright i thought it woudl be a boaring gig just  becuase there music is very mellow is all.
as it turns out they where really good , i really enjoyed myself even though it made me feel a little old becasue they didnt come on until about 10.30 and i was tired by then …having been up since around 6am …but i did really enjoy it and with my trusty cell phone i did take a few videos though they where not as good as the phonic videos mainly because i was right at the back upsairs so i could have a sit down when my old legs needed .

My jeep was broken after the previous trip , it hada very noisey gearbox ….now having never been in a jeep before this could be quite normal anyways it went back ……but since then i have decided to fix it and i am waiting on it …so i will keep you posted on how that goes ……probably by going more 4x4ing .

i have been out on the boat this week doing a bit of fishing and well …just camping, but i did manage to get a few photos……maybe i will share them with you .
we did stop in victoria for dinner at one of my fav places its only the keg but they do a mean fillet minion with blue cheese ………we took a nice bottle of italian wine with us there as they only serve shity austrlian wine but they would not cork it for us and told us it is illegal to do so …hmmm i still think that stinks of a scam .

ok so thats all for now and probably for a while too , as my brother and his wife are coming to visit for 9 days so i should have some stories to post after then


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