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Well what a crazy title , but it is a summary of what i have been up to since i last posted on here.

yesterday i went to see about getting a motor bike license here as my one is not honoured here.
i basically sat a knowledge test and they gave me a learners liscence …..minus some restrictions becasue i hold a full motorcycle liscence in another country so now i can ride any bike i like but just not at night , if thats the only restriction i am sure i could just live with that forever as i very rarely ever ride at night anyway….. i have to take a road test to get my full iscence but i cant do that until a month from now …..its a stipulation on the liscence.

Ground school was yesterday , it went ok we where learning about the parts of a plane and engines etc it was  alittle boaring but hey you have to do it.
Today was my second flying lesson as my last one was cancelled becasue of bad weather, i actually did the take off in this lesson , i was totally freaked out ……i didnt like it atall….. but the instructor didnt even notice i was freaking …noone ever does lol i guess i am just to laid back ….any ways she asked if i didnt want to do the take off next time and i said of course i do …….. i need to get used to it right?

finally i got my jeep , i know i have been talkign about it for sometime now but i finaly got one …it a nice blue color.
i had never driven one before so i was told that i woudl probably hate it but i actually love it ….its so primative and it feels just like driving a little tank……but it is also so manouverable.
i have decided to take it for a bit of a trip this weekend ….the weather is supposed to be good and i think i have found some ligth trails on the map that lead to a waterfall , so i am going to head up there and check it out ……dont worry i will be taking lots of pics on this excursion,

ok well this is just a brief update and i will write more after the trip.

oh and here are some pics of the jeep …..i decided to call it Harry …..there is logic to it, well my kindof logic.


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