A Baseball loss and a few days downtown

i spent a few days down town this week as we had a game on Thursday evening and then one on Sunday afternoon , turned out that all though Thursday was a dry day the pitch was a little waterlogged form the few days of rain we had previously, so that game was canceled , however Sunday came around and weather was good but we managed to suffer our first defeat . the team we played where rumored to be the best in our division and we only lost by one run so i don't think we did too badly at all ……although i never like to loose .

apart form the ball games and a slight bit of plumbing Friday night were i helped a friend install a sink and faucet i did not really get up to much else really …just enjoyed a weekend of downtown stuff and a small dinner party.

i have been reading some of my flying books as to get ready for my flying lesson tomorrrow , i am quite excited about it all.

here are a few photos i took with my cell , there was a great moon this weekend but i couldnt get a good pic of it with my cell i wish i had taken my big camera , i thought about it as i was leaving but then though i woudl not have chance to use it and i woudlnt really need it


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