Update from a crazy month

Seems i have not wrote anything on here for over a month!
April has just been a crazy month , what with traveling home, starting flying lessons , starting to play softball so i will try to do a little update of the month and i always manage to miss things out .

i started my flying lessons today so that's first on my agenda to write about, i was supposed to do my first one about a week ago , but i ended up with a crazy bug and was not fit for anything for about 5 days , i am over that now so i got around to my first lesson , it was very good and a lot of fun , the banking scares me a little but i just need to get used to it ……i think.

as some of you know i have never played baseball in my life and joined a local softball league, i had been away for most of th epractices at the start of the season so my first practice was a friendly game with one of the other teams , it was so much fun and i think i did ok. we won at least then on the next practice before the first game of the season i strained my leg awwww so painful the muscle on the top of the thigh it was sooo sore ….. i am finaly back in action and free for the next game wich is tomorrow , the past 2 games i have missed we have won so we are undefeated …hope i dont upset the chi 🙂 .
i am really getting in to the baseball thing , i didnt think i would but thought i may watch one or two on tv so i thought the Brave being that they where the only one i had actualy been to see live and the only game i had seen , but all i found was the blue jays and they are really good and being in canada i guess i should follow them so i guess they have by default inherited me as a fan.

i have also been getting around to editing and printing out some of the pictures i have acumilated over the winter , some have come out really cool, we will see what ocmes of it all.

my imported things arrived too , all uneventful really apart from my computer rattling when i lifted it up , the stupid quick release hard disk holder had done just that and released so was banging around the case , lukily i t seem not to have damged anything , the PSU however didnt work i dont think it was a country change thing i just think it died in transit maybe didnt get enough food or water on the trip …or maybe it was just that .

now i am sure i have probably missed out lots but i think i have typed enough for this post im sure your all over it

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