Sunday Bike Ride Leeward

I needed to go get some photos of the leeward side, so with the break in the weather giving us a seemingly rare sunny day i decided i could kill two birds with one stone and get out on the bike.

its mostly a highway ride over there and the H1 is a little worse for wear after all the rain , when you get past downtown and heading out to the leeward side the H1 gets quite pothole ridden which is definitely not a nice things when you are doing highway speeds on a bike , the potholes are deep and large so you need to be very alert and the general highway itself is bump and not at all comfortable .

once i got to Ko'Oloina you continue up the coastal road , my plan was to ride down the coast and up to waialua then rejoin the highway, when you look at google maps the road looks like it contiues around but it does go a lot more faint , i just figured it woudl be a small road , when i got there however i realised it was jsut a track for the last stage and quite a rough one , not atall rideable on a sports bike. i had a lot to learn about the navigation the regular coast road was what i would consider a back road so the faint bit i should have known woudl have been something worse

the coastal road is nice , the area up there is very quait with little beach shacks it looks like it hasnt changed in 100 years , it does have its share of degredation and there are a lot of homeless living on the beaches as you ride up there, they have large comunial camps …it doesnt actually look like too bad of a life …….i know being homeless is bad but when you are camping on a beach and it never gets too cold i dont think it is the same as being homeless in say paris or somewhere. people there seem to catch there fish from the ocean and seem to have a very relaxed life , it would be interesting to  chat to a few of the people there and see what got them to that place , weather it was hard times , twists of fate or wether they actualy chose it as a more simplistic life ……i would think there may be some of each.

i didn't take time to stop and chat with anyone and i didn't   get any pictures of the camps , i just really took scenery shots, but here are a few of them


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